Pawn Of the Mountain – Richmond is Hard!

I was expecting to ride London this morning, but had clearly not done my Zwift World Map homework, as today’s map is Richmond. Now, previously I have stated my dislike for Richmond, but in fairness, I have never given it a proper chance. What I really didn’t like about Richmond was the cobble sections. On … Read more

Welcome To The Jungle

Whilst riding Watopia’s Bigger Loop over the weekend just gone, I was taken for a partial ride around the Jungle Circuit. As the Bigger Loop doesn’t cover a full circuit of the Jungle, I figured I would go back – at some point – and put in a proper time. And that’s what I did … Read more

Tick Tock – it’s 7.30 o’clock

This morning’s goal was to ride 15km, and I wasn’t in the mood for climbing still so opted for the Tick Tock circuit, a clock-wise loop of Fuego Flats and a bit of the undersea pass in Watopia. In total this circuit is 19km with only 59m of total climb. Ideal. Given that Fuego Flats … Read more