Sweet Spot Training (Short)

For tonight’s ride I opted for something a little different, and if I’m being completely honest, something a little daunting: Sweet Spot Training. Here’s the schedule: For my FTP (198w), I had: 5 minutes at 190w 5 minutes at 175w Rinse and repeat four times. I’d picked this out during the morning, so was aware … Read more Sweet Spot Training (Short)

FTP Builder Week 8 Day 4

For this afternoon’s ride I carried on with the FTP Builder series, this time riding Week 8 Day 4. I genuinely question whether or not this is actually helping me build up my FTP at this point. The weekly review graphs clearly show these rides are far from taxing. However, they do serve as jolly … Read more FTP Builder Week 8 Day 4

Borrego Springs – RGT Cycling

For tonight’s ride I opted for RGT Cycling’s Borrego Springs route, which is one I have tried to ride before, but last time suffered from a rather odd bug. There were no issues (at least, with the ride itself) tonight. As the picture above describes, this is a largely flat route, in a standard rectangular … Read more Borrego Springs – RGT Cycling

Indoor Cycling – Weekly Review October 14th – 20th 2019

Each week Zwift sends me an email summarising my activity for the week. For previous weekly reviews click here. This previous consisted of two (and a half) higher intensity rides, and two easier / recovery rides. It also saw me gain weight from 11 stone 1lb, to 11 stone 5lb. Not really sure how that … Read more Indoor Cycling – Weekly Review October 14th – 20th 2019

New York City Bagels

In my mind, bagels are delicious breakfast muffin type thing, packed full of stuff that’s largely bad for you: Philadelphia cheese, a bit of ham, maybe a few salad leaves, and whatever else looks interesting on the breakfast buffet. Or, in other words, I have never bought my own bagels when at home, but if … Read more New York City Bagels