Tour of Watopia: Stage 7 – Grand Finale

Climbing Alpe Du Zwift at 9am on a Bank Holiday weekend Sunday. I wouldn’t have done this out of choice. But I did it anyway thanks to the Tour of Watopia 2019. If giving people who wouldn’t normally climb the Alpe a real sense of achievement is what Zwift were after, then I think they … Read more

4 Week FTP Booster: HIT 45 Seconds

Rather than take on a Free Ride, and potentially go harder than I should, these last two rides I have opted for one of Zwift’s structured workouts. In particularly I’ve tried Zwift’s 4 Week FTP booster. Yesterday I did the Tempo Into Sprints exercise. Today I went back a day (according to the training plan) … Read more

4 Week FTP Booster: Tempo Into Sprints

These last few days I have been absolutely knackered. On Monday my legs felt thrashed. On Tuesday, they were just starting to feel a bit better. And this morning, they felt alright, but I wasn’t ready to ride on them. Later in the afternoon I decided to take a gander at Zwift’s workout options, and … Read more