Highs of Zero

Right then. Outdoors reached a sub-tropical zero degrees centigrade here in Preston today, so I saw sense and stayed indoors. Apparently it’s supposed to reach 2c overnight – so literally warmed in the dead of night than during midday. What the actual, right? Anyway, I wanted to do something, but that something wasn’t going to … Read more

Tour De Zwift 2021 – Stage 8: Standard Ride

If I had to guess, I’d say this is likely my last ride of the Tour de Zwift 2021. And I would also like to say that, by and large, I have very much enjoyed it. Today’s ride was the ‘B’ ride, aka the Standard ride. Shorter than the longer ride, and longer than the … Read more

Control, Control, You Must Learn Control!

More so than yesterday, today I really wasn’t in the mood to exercise. Partly because I’d kinda mentally resigned to riding only 4 days this week, and partly due to laziness. By 4pm I’d had my chocolate bar, my magnum lollipop, and a fistful of fizzy Harribos. These are all the post ride treats I … Read more