The Last 100m

Today was London day again on Zwift. And we started off in the rain. Quite fitting really. I wonder if it’s sync’d up to the real world weather? I suspect not. Being completely honest, I could not be bothered this morning. I woke up late, partly due to my eldest waking up at 6am and … Read more

Completing The Greater London Loop

I was left feeling frustrated on Sunday when I rode the Greater London Loop, but didn’t fully complete the circuit. Today, I corrected this mistake. I wasn’t really sure what I was hoping to achieve this morning. Just a regular 20 minute ride would suffice. I also didn’t realise it would be London day on … Read more

Is the Volcano Circuit really 4.1km?

These past few days I’ve been sure I’ve been going a touch mad. All that cycling, you say? Possibly. Or possibly I don’t quite get Zwift just yet. I’ve mentioned a few times, over previous posts, that I’ve set off to do a circuit thinking the distance is some amount of kilometers, only to find … Read more

London, Aye

Pah. Pah, I say. Once more I have been caught out by the lack of Zwift telling me when I have completed a full circuit. I find this incredibly frustrating. Notice that I almost completed the full circuit, somehow thinking it was 10.1km, rather than the actual 11.6km distance. Gah. This is a lot more … Read more