Emily’s Short Mix at My Guesstimated FTP

Yesterday I made an attempt at Emily’s Short Mix, thinking I was smarter than Zwift (hey, I’ve been riding for 2 solid weeks, I’m practically pro!) and bumping the FTP up to 165w. I failed. Epically. Today, I decided rather than admit defeat, I would try Emily’s Short Mix at my Zwift guesstimated FTP, 127w. … Read more

Murder in NYC

Wow. Wow and OMG. Emily tried to kill me Yesterday I started on Zwift’s Cycling 101 Training Plan. I found it a bit lacking in punch, though to be fair, it is based off my overall FTP, which Zwift has currently estimated at 127w. Me, being a man, believed that I knew better than Zwift. … Read more

Girl, Look At That Body – I Work Out!

Yesterday was my first rest day. Whilst I would like to say I had a lovely extra half an hour asleep, the truth is my kids woke me at the usual ridiculously early hour, and I’m guessing 6am is now the new normal. Without the morning’s exercise, I felt frustrated. Partly this is because I … Read more

The Last 100m

Today was London day again on Zwift. And we started off in the rain. Quite fitting really. I wonder if it’s sync’d up to the real world weather? I suspect not. Being completely honest, I could not be bothered this morning. I woke up late, partly due to my eldest waking up at 6am and … Read more