Dropping Off A Cliff In Richmond

The guest map on Zwift today was Richmond. Cobbly, wobbly Richmond. I woke late today, sleeping in for 15 minutes longer than planned. Tut tut. On the plus side, the circuit was short – 5.1km as best I recall. But immediately it started with Cobble Stones. And on the Tacx Neo 2, you know about … Read more Dropping Off A Cliff In Richmond

The London Classique (Take 2)

I’ll start with a few corrections from yesterday 🙂 Firstly, my best sprint time was in the 16s range, not the 14s range. Ha. And secondly, I definitely did not complete two full circuits. How do I know this? Because this morning I got to ride the London Classique again. And this time I definitely … Read more The London Classique (Take 2)

Busy London Town

This morning was all about beating personal records. Here’s a list in quick order, before I forget what they might be: Completed a single circuit on a Zwift map Broke 200w in a single run Broke 300w in a single run Pedalled for the whole 20 minutes Rode longer than the planned 20 minutes Completed … Read more Busy London Town

Ride 5 – Watopia

Having spent another 30 minutes last night trying to index my gears, and fix the click-clack sound of my chain rubbing against the front derailleur, I thought this mornings ride would be problem free. Alas, I am still experiencing some phantom shifting around the mid ring (idk the correct name) on the rear cassette. Not … Read more Ride 5 – Watopia